Kirti Dress

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Our Kirti Dress is a double layered style that can be worn in versatile ways. Located with a button at the corner of each shoulder, the top layer is worn to create a layer of feminity that can either can be worn side to side or cross body. Images of ways to style are attached.

This dress fits one size all.

Fabric Content: 60% Cotton, 40% Rayon, handmade in Morocco.



COLORS ONLY accompanied with a chakra audio meditation and 1 free Kundalini class w/Kirti

* WHITE: Clear Quartz

“I am divine” 

(crown chakra)

* PURPLE: Amethyst

“I am connected” 

(third eye chakra)

* ORANGE: Carnelian 

“I am creative”

(sacral chakra)

* RED: Ruby

“I am grounded”

(root chakra)