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Here at Kin Amora-we are known for the unique comfort of our clothing. We can be classified as resort wear and also as chic street wear.

When it comes to our design, we understand the importance of fabric. Too many trendy companies these days are all design but skip out on basic body comfort.

Our intention and efforts stem from this concept. Through research, we came across a beautiful and unique fabric from Morocco, which proved unparalleled comfort for the body. We adored the artisanship and care that these makers put into these creations.

Kin Amora stands for uninhibited expression and comfort for the body. The loose and chic drape of our capsule styles are indicative of this.

Clothes you can travel in, meditate in, lounge in, explore in, all the while looking hip and chic.

We want the take away after experiencing Kin Amora to be a lingering comfort and desire for more. We want to have you travel and experience your life with us.

Your trust expression in our clothing is our highest ethos.

Our motto is this. If you can travel with it, you can do anything with it. Dream of us, in us.

We hope to continue to create this feeling for you.

     With Love,
     Kin Amora